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Expert Cctv Surveys And Drain Inspections For Manchester Homes And Businesses 

Underground drain damage and blockages can be tricky to detect. Drain inspections are more efficient thanks to the CCTV drain technology we use to detect problems without digging up the ground and causing disruption. 

Drainage investigations 

A Drainflow CCTV drain survey lets you see inside your drainage system and gives you a detailed inspection. The images clearly show the extent of any blockage along with other damage we may need to repair such as collapsed or cracked drains or tree root invasion. 

Drain mapping 

Using a process called drain tracing, we create a map of your drain by sending a camera through the drainage system, following above ground with a tracer. Electronic sonar drain tracing locates the underground pipework and pinpoints the exact position of any defects. 
Using sonar tracing and CCTV, drain surveys provide an accurate diagram of a drainage system. This information is valuable: 
For builders – who need to know where drains run before they start to build a new extension 
For mortgage lenders, building surveyors, property investors and home buyers - to raise awareness of any drainage problems before completing a purchase 
When a basement or cellar floods - we use dye testing with a drain tracer to find the source of the leak. 

Inspecting the drains 

A drainage inspection shows visual evidence of any defects and includes: 
The layout of the drains beneath your premises and their connections to the main sewer 
The types, sizes and condition of all pipes in the drainage system 
The location of any blockages or defects 
Faults in joints, drains, evidence of subsidence, tree root damage and collapse. 
Using this information, we can immediately identify the work necessary to repair the drain. With the survey complete and the inspection report and quotation provided, our engineers are ready to start the repair. We will repair the damage quickly and easily using the high-pressure water jetting equipment installed in our vehicles. 
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Are the drains causing problems on your premises? 

For immediate advice, phone now on 07841 900153. We’ll send an engineer to investigate the problem. 

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