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Drainage repair services in Manchester 

Blocked and damaged drains can cause severe problems and health hazards but these are easily solved when you call Drainflow. 
Twenty-five years of drainage engineering expertise along with the most advanced technology for diagnosis and repair means we can clear any blockage and fix drain damage in the shortest possible time. 

Solving all drain problems fast 

Customers call on us to unblock and repair drains in their homes and businesses throughout Manchester and Cheshire. 
Drain problems come to light when sinks, showers, wash basins and toilets block or overflow – creating an emergency. 
We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year for all homes and premises including hospitals, schools, universities, shops, restaurants and takeaways, barbers and hairdressers, apartment blocks, construction sites, industrial parks, retail centres and more. 
After a quick diagnosis using CCTV images and drain tracing, we can clear the blockage there and then. With your approval, we can go on to complete any repairs the equipment has identified while we’re on your premises. 

We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year 

Drain lining 

Cracked and broken drains get worse if left in disrepair. Modern technology means we can repair most drains without the need to dig up the ground. 
Drain lining is a technique we use to create a kind of inner pipe within the original one. Our equipment pushes the lining inside and covers the broken parts while we control the procedure from above ground. 
Similarly, we can insert drain patches to seal over smaller cracks to prevent them getting worse, saving inconvenience and money in the long run. 

Root cutting 

The powerful high-pressure water jetting equipment we use to unblock drains works equally well in removing ingrowing tree roots.  
The hose travels long distances underground and the sheer force of the water cuts through the roots, giving us access to repair the drain. 

Driveway cleaning 

Unavoidably, some drainage problems make a mess of the surrounding surface areas. Cellars flood. Drains overflow onto driveways, paths, patios, car parks and roads. To complete our work, we remove the dirt and debris from the affected areas and leave your property clean and tidy, back to its original condition. 

Problem drains? 

If your drains are causing problems and you’re unsure what to do, call Drainflow and ask our advice. One of our engineers will visit and quickly assess the problem. Drains can be repaired quickly and unobtrusively using our equipment and technology. 

24-hour service 

Call Drainflow Manchester on 07841 900153 now to book an early inspection of your drains. 

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