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Blocked drains require immediate attention and urgent repair. The first step is to investigate what’s wrong and how we can put it right. 
Modern technology helps us identify drain problems quickly. Using CCTV camera images and sonar drain tracing, we can pinpoint the exact location and extent of any damage. Now we know where the defects have occurred and what has caused them, we can work on the repair as soon as you authorise us to start. 

What causes drains to block or break? 

If trees grow near your property, roots may begin to spread into your drains, eventually causing cracks and collapse. 
Food production and preparation companies, restaurants and shops and premises with kitchens are susceptible to blocked drains caused by a build up of grease, fat and oil entering the drainage system. 
Waste household objects are often discarded in sinks and toilets with the result that eventually they obstruct the drain flow and cause a major blockage. 

Drains unblocked 

To unblock drains fast, we use the high-pressure water jetting equipment installed in our vans. The equipment propels water at high speed through the drain with such force and pressure that the build-up waste is dispersed immediately allowing fresh waste to flow freely again. 

Drains repaired 

Our drain inspection will have identified the cause of the blockage, and whether any repairs are required.  
Perhaps the drain has begun to collapse, or subsidence or ground movement over time has caused cracks to worsen. 
If tree roots are causing an obstruction in the drain, our high-pressure water jetting equipment will cut through them, clearing the way for the pipework to be repaired. 
For the repair, we’ll use a drain patching or re-lining technique. This creates a kind of inner pipe which makes the drain watertight and allows the waste to flow away naturally. 
These drain repair methods do not need us to dig up the ground to carry out the work. They are controlled remotely, above ground.  
We recommend recurring drain problems are resolved promptly to avoid expensive excavation work. 
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Get your drains unblocked and repaired fast. Please call Drainflow Manchester on 07841 900153 and one of our engineers will investigate the problem. 

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