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Drains block regularly? 
Neglected drains cause major problems for certain businesses and these are best solved early. When drains block regularly, it is advisable to find the cause of the problem and prevent it recurring. Thanks to the advanced high-pressure water jetting equipment installed in our vans, we can clear blockages quickly and enable the drains to continue to flow freely. 
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Fat, oil and grease removal 

The drains beneath restaurants, kitchens, take-aways and food production and preparation facilities are more susceptible to blockage and resulting damage because of the nature of their business.. 

Planned preventive maintenance 

A regular drain maintenance schedule is recommended for all such businesses. This prevents recurring blockages which could otherwise mean major excavation work is necessary at some point to access and restore the drainage system to good working order. 
If your drains are prone to blockages, we recommend you arrange with us for a high-pressure water jetting drain clean every 3, 6 or 12 months. 
This planned preventive maintenance plan will remove any worry about the disruption and inconvenience caused when drains block and overflow. 
Left unresolved, repairs could mean major work involving excavating the drain and it pays to put in place the regular maintenance to prevent this happening. 
It is worth speaking to one of our engineers for advice. 
He will explain in detail the methods we use and how they stop drains becoming blocked.  
We provide drain maintenance contracts for all kinds of commercial and public buildings, large and small. From local shops, café’s and restaurants to large apartment blocks, factories, shopping centres, hospitals and schools where there are hundreds of drains – many of them old and needing our expert care and maintenance. 

No digging 

The majority of our repairs are done without digging up the ground. Technology and our advanced equipment makes this possible. Diagnosis and repairs are faster and more efficient thanks to the computerised systems we use. 
A CCTV drain survey will give you an exact picture of the condition of your drainage system. Serious drain damage is sometimes caused by tree roots which make their way in through small cracks and quickly take hold in the system. 

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